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Manage your own screening with FanForce

We’ve partnered with cinema-on-demand platform which will bring the film to your local cinema or venue anywhere in the world.


This is a powerful way to help your community to see the film and discuss the issues it raises..


You can organise a Q&A after the film and have your audience participate.


You can also use your Fan-Force screening to fundraise to help an important charity or initiative.



How does FanForce work?


Just book in at the FanForce Website and pick the time, date and cinema or venue and they will take care of all the organisation - they will even help you promote it.



Invite everyone to the screening and promote the event using the free promotional tools FanForce will send you.



If you reach the minimum amount of tickets required, the screening is confirmed and everyone is notified. If you don’t reach the minimum amount you can always try again - but no one loses any money.

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